Nueva Publicación del Profesor Ezequiel Spector

La Escuela de Derecho se complace en anunciar que el Profesor Ezequiel Spector ha recientemente publicado el artículo "Public reason as a social basis of self‐respect" en el Journal of Social Philosophy.


The idea of public reason was traditionally explained in terms of the need to justify the exercise of coercive power to reasonable people who do not agree on the truth of any particular conception of the good. In this paper, I show why this traditional, coercion‐based, view is problematic, and offer a different account of public reason: the “self‐respect account.” In addition, I argue that this account is capable of informing recent, nontraditional, accounts of public reason. The conclusion is that public reason can be conceptualized as a social basis of self‐respect.  

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