Nueva Publicación del Profesor Ezequiel Monti

La Escuela de Derecho se complace en anunciar que el Profesor Ezequiel Monti ha recientemente publicado el artículo "On the Moral Impact Theory of Law" en el journal Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. 


Mark Greenberg argues that legal obligations are those moral obligations created by the actions of legal institutions in the legally proper way (Moral Impact Theory of Law, MITL). Here I defend three main claims. First, I argue that, although very often misunderstood, Joseph Raz is also a defender of MITL. Secondly, I argue that while both Greenberg and Raz are committed to MITL, they disagree about the conditions under which a moral obligation can be said to be created in the legally proper way. Finally, I argue that Raz’s variant of MITL is better than Greenberg’s. It rests on a more plausible account of authority and it avoids one of the crucial defects threatening Greenberg’s view, namely, its overinclusiveness.

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